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About Estcourt High School.

Estcourt High School can trace its origins as a centre of educational excellence to the 1880's. The aim at Estcourt High has always been to identify and harness the potential of our pupils, including their social, cultural, physical, and intellectual abilities. To extend pupils intellectually, participation in the various subject Olympiads and Expo's is encouraged, while tours to relevant areas of interest are regularly undertaken.

Culturally, our school's choir is well known in the Natal Midlands. Our public speakers and debaters feature prominently in provincial contests.

The extensive grounds provide more than ample room for all the major sports which are offered, thus catering for physical development of the pupils. The school's proud tradition is reflected in the names given to our major sport venues from those of eminent personalities who have shaped our past.

Estcourt High School believes in catering for the social needs of the child in the healthy but controlled school environment. Students are encouraged to participate in all school activities.

By means of the above the school strives to equip its students to play a confident role in adult society.

The nurturing of established and traditional values, combined with fair and acceptable discipline, ensure that students at Estcourt High School develop into independent, balanced and responsible citizens.

Features Of Estcourt High School

9 tennis courts , 4 squash courts

6 Netball Fields

5 Hockey Fields

4 Rugby Fields

3 Cricket Pitches

A Swimming Pool

Country style spaciousness

Uniformity of buildings

A unique assembly

A memorial hall dedicated to those who have lost their lives in wars

Polite, well-disciplined children

Dedicated teachers

Respect of all races

A fleet of vehicles

A thrift shop

A tuck shop


High flyers camps (summer and winter)

Two state-of-the art computer centres

Four science laboratories